Branching Out for Passive Income with Physical Items already created

Posted by Catrina Diaz on

We currently sell physical items only. But we have been researching for a while now and have found that passive income is the wave of what everyone should want to hop on! 

Who wouldn't want to do something once and get paid for life for it?

Ummmm Hello sign us up please!! 

I have found that the images that I already currently use on our cup designs can be digitally sold and make a profit! we have already opened a 2nd Etsy store for our digital items and have made our first sale in 4 days of opening! We are still in the process of adding more listings to bring more options. But it feels so good to start on the path of earning passive income!

Basically we are just selling digital files, and there are so many options as to what you can create digitally. For example; Cut files, invitations, planning pages, art drawings - one of my favorites because you can do a doddle a day and sell them! You draw something once list it and it goes on auto drive! 

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