Cremation, Memory Keeper, Cremation, In loving memory, Loss of a loved one, Grieving gift

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Cremation, Memory Keeper, Cremation, In loving memory, Loss of a loved one, Grieving gift, mourning gift, personalized, preserved flowers

During one of the hardest test life gives us, we find comfort in remembering the life of our missed love ones.

We offer many ways to preserve something that has meaning to you in your time of grief and mourning.

This listing is for a wooden cross covered in resin with poem or words of your choosing with name and date. Inside of the resin we will embedded flowers from the funeral (or items you chose below). To preserve them for always.

Items that can be preserved:
*Flowers from the funeral
*Lock of hair
***anything small such as the items listed, that you would like, just ask.

Once order is placed we will provide you with the address to ship your items to.
(If you are adding a photo, you can send us a JPG file for that)

If you have any questions please email us at

It is your responsibility to ship the items you want embedded to our studio at your expense. The only legal (and safest!) method for shipping cremated remains is through USPS Priority Express which can be done at your local post office or through **** please ship ashes in a vile of some sort (not a bag)*** Please retain all tracking information for your return shipment until you have received confirmation that your package has been received at our studio.

Turnaround Time
Once we receive your completed collection kit, it is typically a 2-4 week turnaround time until your cremation pendant will be crafted and then shipped out to you. Actual turnaround time depends on our order queue at the time we receive your completed collection kit. Any unused ashes, flowers, or other items will always be returned to you with your finished keepsake.