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wine glass mock up Coffee mug mockups



If you are a fan of all things Cricut then this post is for you!! 

Grinch shot glass

(This is how a Mockup looks, it shows what the design would look like once actually made)


When I first started using my Cricut, I would come up with the best designs to make, and I would make it! Without it being sold! 

I would make a wine glass with a saying on it, and hope someone would by it from my Etsy store. Sure enough 3 years later I still have some of my glasses I first made sitting in a cubby in my craft room. 

Instead of taking up the little space I had for all my craft supplies I decided to start doing mockup designs!

The best things about using mock up for your products:

  1. No physical space being taken up. 
  2. Your store has more of a cohesive look if you are using the same mockups
  3. The BEST reason is you can create so much more and add tons of listings each day! 
  4. It is easy (way less time consuming then printing out your design, weeding it, and applying it)



  • First you want to make or purchase some glassware mockup photos (Our 63 Bundle Mockup Photos can be purchased Click here)

wine glass mock up Coffee mug mockups

  • Open Cricut Design Space and start a new project. 


  • Click to upload a photo




  • Upload image 



  • Select an mockup you have in your computer files (the below screen shot shows what you receive if you purchase our bundle HERE)



  •  Select the Complex button (this keeps all the color and quality of the image)



  • In this screen below do nothing to the image and just hit continue. 


  • In the screen below you will select the print then cut image and add your title and tags (SN: I always add a tag for Mockup so I can easily find when I search my Cricut uploads.)




  • Your mockup will show in your uploads just select and insert image.


  • You will then use an svg or image you have designed and layer it over the mock up photo! EASY!!! Look how real and awesome it looks!



  • For the last step you will need to have a snipping tool or screen shot tool so that you can screen shot the mockup with your design and save it as a PNG or JPEG file. 




AND TA-DA ---- Below is your photo you can use in your ETSY store to sell this Coffee Mug you have not physically made yet! 

If you have any questions or need help please leave a comment! 




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