Halloween Party Pennywise cake

What's the Big Deal About Halloween?

Ever since I can remember, my favorite holiday has always been Halloween! And growing up so many people would always have a comment: 


"That's the devil's Holiday" ..... 

"Well "Susan" let me tell you it is the creatives Holiday!"  - My response. 


For me Halloween is not about wicked or evil things, it is about creating some of the most awesome photo displays, decorations, and foods! It is about spending time creating these things as a family! Because a family that loves Halloween together, stays together! (giggle) My Father is always helping bring our building ideas to life, he is the man with the plan! We just tell him what we need built and he makes it happen. You can see some of his craftsmanship in the below photos.  Keep reading to see some of the awesome things we have created for past Halloweens. 


Here are two of our photo booths that we made! These are always a hit! Who doesn't like to snap a selfie?

Halloween Party Photo booth backdrop


Halloween party photo booth bloody hand wall

Here is a table setting from a past Halloween Party! Everything was edible. But a lot of guest didn't want to try the brownies shaped like realistic poop. 

Halloween party table foods


Pennywise IT cake


And of course I love making products to sell for this holiday! So much fun creations to make!


We have a Halloween Party every year for the past 5 years! And everyone looks forward to it! Friends and Family come and just have a great time. 

For me it is about seeing what can I create and come up with each and every year to surprise everyone! What cool idea can I bring to life on a small budget?

Last year is for sure one to beat, as I painted a haunted clown entrance in front of our front door!

Halloween party entrance


I look forward to what this year will bring! But one thing I know for sure is I will have my new 12 Horror Shot glass set to show off a little! Order yours now if you would like to have a set for your Halloween Party this year!

halloween party shot glasses

 Click the photo to be taken to purchase the 12 shot glasses!


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