We are getting a GLOWFORGE!!! Get up to $500 off with our discount code

Posted by Catrina Diaz on

My sister Christine and I are proud new owners of a Glowforge! We have been eyeing this bad boy for over a year! We saved enough money to finally bite the bullet and purchase the Glowforge pro. I cannot wait to share all the ideas that have been floating in my head these past couple of months! 

If you are looking to purchase one for yourself you can use our referral link and get up to $500 off your Glowforge click here.

I never thought I would own one! Although I would send messages to my sister all the time!

See some of the wonderful Glowforge messages I would send below. This blog is to just share some funny conversations over the past year I have had with my sister/business partner. Enjoy!

I never wanted something so bad!! Found any reason to talk about wanting one any chance I could. 

And stay tuned!! I am planning on doing YouTube videos with this wonderfully beautiful dream machine!!!



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