Golden Girls Watch Band

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We are continually expanding our design collection and love custom orders. If you are looking for something else please email us at  and we will email you a mock up before we engrave to make sure it is what you want

This listing is for a Golden Girls Apple Watch band. I can fill the engrave with color, or I can leave it unfilled for a more subtle look. If you would like for me to fill it, please let me know otherwise I will automatically leave it unfilled. One color per fill is priced the same as no fill. 

****Due to the material of the watch bands being silicone, it is normal to have slight fading over time if the engrave is filled with color.****

 Please keep in mind, if you want a print, they are busy designs & may not be ideal for anything detailed.

Our bands are compatible with all Apple Watches!

Make sure you pick the right one for your needs using the following steps: 

1) Pick one of the many colors available
2) Choose your band size (38/40mm or 42/44mm)
3) Length are offered as S/M & M/L just as they are offered from Apple.

♦ 38/40mm S/M Size: Suitable for 5.1"-7.1" wrist.
♦ 38/40mm M/L Size: Suitable for 5.9"-7.9" wrist. 
♦ 42/44mm S/M Size: Suitable for 5.5"-7.5" wrist.
♦ 42/44mm M/L Size: Suitable for 6.3"-8.3" wrist.