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Memento Mori Skull Rosary wire wrapped necklace

Memento Mori Skull Rosary wire wrapped necklace

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Available in different color skulls,

Skulls quite simply serve as a reminder of death and mortality. Skull rosaries, or a rosary with a skull on it, remind the user that life is not infinite, and is to serve as a reminder that everyone dies. You should live your life with the knowledge that your life will not go on forever.

Definition of Memento Mori:
A Latin phrase meaning “Remember that you must die.” It is a reminder both of our mortality and of the judgment that will follow our death.

This is completely hand wire wrapped each lava bead and skull bead.

When choosing the color please note this is only the color of the skull beads. All the Rosaries automatically have the black lava beads.


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