Personalized Dog Jar

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Tired of treats just sitting in opened bags and going stale? Well, this is the perfect way to store your doggie treats. No more opened bags sitting in your pantry or on your counter.

A beautiful, personalized treat jar - gift for your pooch!

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for your furry friend?

Give their favorite treats a home in this personalized dog treat jar. Perfect for dog lovers or cat lovers or maybe you have another special pet this would be perfect for. How about a dear friend that has that special animal you can give this as a Christmas gift.

These are glass canister jars that can hold quite a bit of small treats for your furry friend.

Please let us know in the note section of your order how you would like this to be personalized.

28oz Jar - Metal twist on lid
Material: Glass,Metal
Height: 5.75 in.
Diameter: 4.125 in.

Dog treats not included!